Foodful Thinking LIVE!

Foodful Thinking was a Facebook Live project in 2016 that, after 28 million views, evolved into USA TODAY 10Best’s Eat Sip Trip. Programming included Friday Night Cookies, a weekly show where two cookie connoisseurs (Jonathan Palmisano and Kae Lani) explored the quirky and sometimes dramatic backstories of the world’s favorite desserts.


Friday Night Cookies Ep. 1 - History of Oreo

How did a creme filled chocolate sandwich cookie take over an entire grocery isle? We explore how Oreo, a knock-off brand, became Milk's Favorite Cookie.


Friday Night Cookies Ep. 2 - Chips Ahoy and the Golden Age of Marketing

30 years after Nestle hijacks the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the Toll House Inn, Chips Ahoy revolutionizes marketing food brands. This episode is 1,000 chips delicious.


Friday Night Cookies Ep. 3 - The Keebler Kerfuffle (Someone fudged on my cookie)

Have you ever noticed how some Girl Scout Cookies are just like some Keebler cookies? Who is ripping off of who?


Friday Night Cookies Ep. 4 - Pumpkin Spice is a LIE

We expose autumn's greatest lie -- that most pumpkin products don't actually contain pumpkin. Plus, our cat Geronimo interrupts our broadcast and our camera cuts out a bunch.