Kae Lani Kennedy is a content creator and strategist as well as a host/correspondent specializing in travel, food, and all things quirky. Creating content at a high capacity, Kae Lani has produced digital and interactive stories ranging from videos about cat cafes in Montreal to analyzing the obscure history of indie music on Adult Swim.  Anything that she finds interesting, she explores in depth and shares with the world enthusiastically. 

Kae Lani currently works as a Social Media Strategist and Content Producer at USA TODAY 10Best, and has been featured in Billboard, Fodor's Travel, Budget Travel, Yahoo and more. She has also hosted Facebook Live segments for Matador Network, Foodful Thinking, and has made two appearances on Cheddar Life. 

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @KaeLaniSays.

Email her at kaelani.kennedy@gmail.com.